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Can we sing for you?

Castle Cary Choir would be delighted to provide a concert for you to raise funds for your favourite charity or organization.

A concert involves us in an immediate expense of £115 aside from our other ongoing costs, such as rent of rehearsal space, insurance, etc., and especially the purchase of sheet music.  Members’ subscriptions are the only source of funds to defray these costs and any donation over and above this £105 would of course always be greatly appreciated. If there is a guest act or soloist a further moderate fee is usually payable and you would also be advised of this in advance.  We really want to help local organizations raise funds, so if our requested donation is going to cause you a problem, please do discuss the situation with the Choir Secretary, John Roberts 07970 039 007, or Choir Chairperson, Liz Defries on 01458 223770, in complete confidence.

You will be responsible for the actual staging of the concert and for ticket sales, interval refreshments, publicity, etc. although we will assist in whatever way we can. The concert venue is responsible for adhering to PRS rules. We will provide a master copy of the programme in advance for you to copy as necessary. 

For an example of a typical programme just click HERE

The normal outline of a concert would be as follows;

First half:             Choir entertains                                                               - 15 mins.

                                Readings, guest artist/soloist or similar                 - 15 mins.

                                Choir entertains                                                               - 15 mins.

Interval                 - say 20+ mins  

Second half:        Similar format to the first half             - 45 mins.

Total time                                                                                   -  2 hrs max.

To discuss your arrangements or for further information please use the contact form opposite.

Please contact us for further information

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